SAMMM provides the following services:-


• Operates a 24 Hour Telephone Helpline for support and information for families who have experienced a loss through a Murder or Manslaughter.


• Outreach home visits to families of Murder and Manslaughter victims.


• Preparation and support for Court proceedings, i.e. Trials, Inquests, Appeals and Parole Hearings.


• Regular monthly meetings at the SAMMM Centre. Individuals and agencies are invited to give information on a wide range of topics relating to the welfare of victims of crime such as Legal Issues, Criminal Justice issues, Compensation, Finance, Housing, DSS and Social Welfare Issues.


• One to one support for new and existing individuals and family support. This can be for incident related trauma, i.e. identification of victims, trials etc. Post traumatic stress information and support, individual emotional support work and family/relationship difficulties.


• Production of information/publicity: leaflets.


• Liaison with the Coroner, Police, Courts, Probation, Victim Support, Social Services, Media and other agencies.


• Undertake training with the Police, Coroners, Crown Prosecution and Probation Services.


• Understanding and support to families and friends who have been bereaved as a result of Murder and Manslaughter through the mutual support of others who have suffered a similar tragedy.


• To provide the support that families desperately need and are unable to find elsewhere.