About Us

SAMMM was founded in 1994 and is run by and for the people who have been bereaved as a result of a Murder or Manslaughter.

SAMM is a Registered Charity No. 1111480.

As a Registered Charity we have our own Constitution, Code of Confidentiality, Equal Opportunities and Complaints Procedure.

SAMMM is administered via an elected Board of Trustees who have all lost someone through a Murder or Manslaughter.

SAMMM raise public awareness of the effects of Murder and Manslaughter on families and sometimes whole communities.

SAMMM take up the issues of concern arising out of the effects of Murder and Manslaughter, and to press for changes that are needed to eradicate the thoughtless and insensitive ways in which the Criminal Justice System deals with families of Murder victims.

SAMMM press for changes and enforceable rights that Victims and their families need in order to ensure that the System, at the very least, treats them equitably and fairly.

SAMMMM promotes and supports research into the effects on society of Murder, Manslaughter and unlawful killing and to disseminate the results of such research.

SAMMM co-ordinates meetings, lectures, classes, seminars and training courses with other organisations who work for the welfare of the Victims of Crime.